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Download all the four versions of King WhatsApp i.e. King WhatsApp Blue , KIWhatsApp Green, King WhatsApp Gold and Queen WhatsApp Pink. All the WhatsApp are updated to the latest version. So Download it now from the official website.

Version : 35 || Size : 55 MB

100% Safe and Secure

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Welcome to the 21st century, where social media is the fastest growing phenomenon around the world. With over 4.26 billion users, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. And when it comes to social media platforms, Whatsapp reigns supreme, boasting more than 2.44 billion users worldwide. But let’s face it, Whatsapp still has its limitations. That’s why we created KI Whatsapp – the ultimate solution to all your messaging needs. Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about King Whatsapp, including how to install it on your device.

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What is King WhatsApp APK?

Say hello to King Whatsapp – the ultimate Whatsapp mod that takes your chatting experience to the next level! Unlike the official Whatsapp, King Whatsapp offers a wide range of amazing features such as customizable themes, the ability to control who can call you, the option to hide your last seen status, and the ability to download stories – just to name a few! KI Whatsapp is also known as King Whatsapp, and for our female users, we have a special version called Queen Whatsapp

Features of King WhatsApp in 2024

Freeze Last Seen

Have you ever been online on WhatsApp and felt concerned about all of your contacts being able to see your last seen status? If so, KI Whatsapp has a solution for you! By enabling the “Freeze Last Seen” feature, your last seen status will be paused at that specific point in time. This means that, no matter how often you use WhatsApp, all of your contacts will only see the last seen status that you want them to see. Give it a try and enjoy greater control over your online presence!

Who can call me?

Are you tired of receiving unwanted WhatsApp calls? Say goodbye to that frustration, because now you have the power to choose who can call you! With the “Who Can Call You?” feature, you can easily select the contacts who are allowed to call you. Plus, you can enable the “Auto-Call Decline” function to ensure that no one interrupts you during a busy time. Take control of your WhatsApp experience and enjoy a more peaceful and efficient communication platform!

Whatsapp Lock

King Whatsapp has an amazing built-in feature that allows you to lock your WhatsApp without the need for any third-party apps! Simply access the “WhatsApp Lock” feature and select your preferred locking system from PIN, password, or pattern. You can also set a recovery question, ensuring that you can regain access if you happen to forget your password. Protect your private conversations and information with ease using King Whatsapp’s secure lock feature!

Download Status

This is one of the most useful features of KI Whatsapp! With just one tap, you can easily download the statuses of your family and friends directly from the app. No need to install any third-party applications anymore! It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to save and enjoy the statuses of your loved ones. Isn’t that amazing? 

Inbuilt Translator

King Whatsapp has an incredible built-in translator that allows you to translate messages with just one tap! This feature is incredibly convenient, especially for users who have friends from other countries or regions and want to communicate in their native language. With this feature, language barriers are no longer an obstacle to effective communication. 

Multiple Account Support

One of the most amazing features of this KI WhatsApp mod is the ability to seamlessly switch between up to five accounts. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true! With this feature, you can use five different accounts within a single WhatsApp installation. Simply log in with your different accounts, and then easily switch between them to chat with various contacts. It’s a great way to stay organized and keep your personal and professional conversations separate.

Hide Double Tick

Keep your privacy intact on WhatsApp with this neat trick – hiding the double tick! Now you can read your messages without your contacts ever knowing. Simply go to your settings in King WhatsApp and enable the ‘hide double tick’ feature. It’s that easy – enjoy your newfound privacy!


Say goodbye to WhatsApp bans with the new KI WhatsApp update! Our latest version, v32, comes equipped with the powerful anti-ban feature, so you can chat with peace of mind. Previous versions may have caused some users to experience 5-minute bans, but we’ve fixed that bug for good. Upgrade to KI WhatsApp v32 now – the app you can trust!

Lock and hide chats

Worried about someone snooping through your private WhatsApp chats? KI WhatsApp has got you covered! Our app allows you to lock and hide your chats for an extra layer of security. No more stress when you lend your phone to friends or family – just download KI WhatsApp and keep your chats safe and sound. It’s the perfect solution for your privacy needs.


Tired of the same old WhatsApp look? King WhatsApp has got you covered with endless UI customization options! From changing themes to customizing icons and home screens, you’re free to make your WhatsApp experience truly your own. Don’t like something? Change it with KI WhatsApp.

Send Large media files

Do you find yourself frustrated by the limitations of official WhatsApp? Tired of having your large media files compressed, or not being able to send certain types of files? With KI WhatsApp, those days are over! Unlike the official version, KI WhatsApp allows you to send videos in full quality and photos in HD. No more grainy, low-resolution images! Plus, you can send any type of file up to 55 MB, whether it’s a PDF, DOC, or something else entirely.

Download All Four Versions of King WhatsApp [KIWhatsApp]

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Download King Whatsapp Gold

Download King WhatsApp Gold from below button

Version : 35

Size : 58.34 MB

green whatsapp

Download King Whatsapp Green

Download King WhatsApp Green from below button

Version : 35

Size : 58.4 MB

queen whatsapp

Download Queen Whatsapp (QUWhatsApp)

Download Queen WhatsApp Pink from below button

Version : 35

Size : 58.42 MB

king whatsapp blue

Download King Whatsapp Blue

Download King WhatsApp Blue from below button

Version : 35

Size : 60.08 MB

How to Download and Install KIWhatsApp?

  • First of all, backup all your Whatsapp data to avoid data loss. To do so go to the Settings>Chat Backup>Backup.
  • Now download the KI Whatsapp Apk or King WhatsApp from the link given above on this page.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable it.
download and install
  • Click on the install button. It takes some time to install the app.
  • After installing the apk click on the open button and allow the permissions required.
  • Login with your Whatsapp account and enjoy!
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Yes this app is completely safe and secure, this is our official website. Make sure that you have downloaded it from the official website to avoid bugs and malware in the app. 

No, there is no ban issue. We have fixed all the loopholes in this app to prevent such bans. If you are still experiencing this issue, please try reinstalling the app.

Once the update is available, you will receive a notification. To download the latest version of KI Whatsapp, visit and search for the update. You can directly install the latest version without having to install the old version first. Installing the old version before the latest one could result in data loss.

No, there is no difference between KIWhatsApp and King WhatsApp. Both are the same apps, but some people refer to it as King WhatsApp while others call it KIWhatsApp. So it’s completely up to you how you prefer to address it. The features remain the same in this app.

Absolutely! You will find over 3000 captivating themes in King WhatsApp. Explore the remarkable collection available in the Ki WhatsApp theme store, where you can effortlessly download and apply them. With the freedom to change themes daily, your WhatsApp experience will feel refreshingly new and exciting every single day.